Saturday, October 31, 2009

Give Away

We all must have walked past him, paying no heed, remembering nothing of him. He's invisible to us.

From the looks of it, he probably had been walking around the whole of evening finding me or someone else. For a second i stopped, his eyes pierced right through me and i felt a sudden urge to walk away, run away. Return him back to the invisible world. But the vision wont go...

I felt trapped, the only way to move away was to give away and hence i did.

Maybe this is what makes us human. The "power" to give is often surpassed by the "need" to give away.
Maybe The philanthropist is the needy one except he's poor in the currency that feeds the soul.

Friday, March 28, 2008


A multitude of thoughts float by my mind.Some with piercing clarity and some blurred ,as if veiled in some mystic foam.Non stop ,untiring and eternal. Try as much as i might this flow seems to dangle in my subconscious never reveling its identity in my "real" cycle of life...

Everyday existence appears to be trickling brook unable to antagonise or even remotely affect this vast flood of unexplained thoughts which.In their own existence they are plain and often feel more aclimitised to my inner self than what i have laernt in the world which i percive and accept to be my home...

Monday, February 25, 2008

undesigning my outlook...

When was the last time i looked at a poster without making mental note of its layout? or walked out of the supermarket without critisicing the packaging of products?
Honestly , i dont remember. Initially it used to amuse me. Well, now its more in the nature of involuntary and uncontrolled.

More often than not ,a designer designs for the non-designers so part of the process is to understand our own creation from the "other" mans perspective.But often we get so sensitive to our surroundings and see design in everything (which the "other" men fail to do) that the essence of true design "making OTHERS life better" seems to be lost in the whirlpool of our creative thoughts!

Ornamentation : clutter
Two bright colours : bad combination
Himesh reshamiya : no comments
Uncontrolled : worrisome
These are some of my own prejudices that have been proved wrong by the very surroundings i live in when i tried to put myself in someone elses shoe! But to accept this fact may take us longer than we might expect. I mean, whoever designs something that he/she does not believe in ? The egoist in each one of us wants to have its own signature style in whatever we do often blurring the line that seperates a whimsical fantasy and true need.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

why in this world am i doing this? i finally get down to writing something after i dont know how long. this reminds me that im actually supposed to be doing some research for SPD . im kind of getting anxious that i might just end up blogging about my course which i dont intend to do .... hmmm this will act as a remainder, i guess. No posting stuff that happens in the college (NO NO NO even if thats about the only thing hapenning in your life)

hey or maybe i shall dedicate this blog to the things that i "shouldn't be blogging about". (!)